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I created a website called mewantee using google appengine. It's closed to the public right now, but I need some users to try it out and tell me if they run into any problems using it normally, or any feedback at all. If you login with a gmail account (google handles the login, I won't know anything except your email address, and even that will be hidden from other users), I'll be sent a notification email and I can then activate your account.

What is it about? Mainly I'd like it to incentivize the creation of creative commons and open source content and it uses a sort of economic model to do it. Even if it is too strange or the kind of users needed to make it work don't show up, it was a good exercise to learn python and appengine.

Something else to figure out- I have pointing to, is there any way to make it stay to everyone else like they way this blog is really on but is seen as